Loose Fruit
The Loose Fruit provides a totally unique approach to waveshaping. Milk classic waveforms for subharmonics, tonal intervals and just-intoned juice. Combine with a classic (square, sine, tri, saw wave) oscillator to create a new world of tonal possibilities.

Loose Fruit is a new kind of waveshaper, more accurately, it's two waveshapers and a crossfader combined in one module to give you an arsenal of tonal possibilities. The input audio is processed by inverting it specific points - a little like a 'hard sync'. In this manner harmonics are created - not just regular 'infra' harmonics but also rich subharmonics - yes, the Loose Fruit adds bass.

Each waveshaper features 10 preset patterns which seamlessly fade into each other via the state control knob or the CV control. The resulting audio is mixed together by the crossfader. The three sub sections - waveshaper 1, waveshaper 2 and the crossfader - are normalled together but can also used independently of each other.

Width: 12HP
Power: +170mA / -125mA @+12V / -12V
Loose Fruit is now on Mk.2
changes in this version:
- States now fade between each other,
rather than switching