Loose Fruit
The Loose Fruit provides a totally unique approach to waveshaping. Milk classic waveforms for subharmonics, tonal intervals and just-intoned juice. Combine with a classic (square, sine, tri, saw wave) oscillator to create a new world of tonal possibilities.

Loose Fruit is a new kind of waveshaper, more accurately, it's two waveshapers and a crossfader combined in one module to give you an arsenal of tonal possibilities. The input audio is processed by inverting it specific points - a little like a 'hard sync'. In this manner harmonics - and subharmonics -are created, adding bass and character.

Each waveshaper features 9 preset patterns which seamlessly fade into each other via the state control knob or the CV control. The resulting audio is mixed together by the crossfader. The three sub sections - waveshaper 1, waveshaper 2 and the crossfader - are normalled together but can also used independently of each other.

Width: 12HP
Power: +170mA / -125mA @+12V / -12V
Loose Fruit is now on Mk.2
changes in this version:
- States now fade between each other,
rather than switching
Loose Fruit manual See our dealers page