Trouser Press
Trouser Press is a high-quality eurorack crossfader for crystal clear audio fades either manually or by CV. If you need an amplifier, flick the switch and the Trouser Press becomes a fully functional VCA. The Trouser Press is DC coupled, so the module works on both audio and envelopes.

While in XFADE mode, the gain of the input channels is at maximum 0dB, the middle position the channels meet at -3dB for even fades. Changing the offset control pans between the left and right inputs. In VCA mode, the amplitude is no longer kept at 0dB and can reach +20dB, functioning as a normal VCA. The LIN / LOG switch controls the response of the amplifiers in both XFADE and VCA mode.

Width: 12HP

CV: Hard left -5V, hard right +5V. Change the jumper on the back for 0V to 5V.

Power: +100mA / -90mA @+12V / -12V
Trouser Press manual See our dealers page